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come and get it i kill

happy (almost late) birthday to mirai nagasu! may the coming year be full of lovely surprises and smiles, and may you crush in all your upcoming competitions 

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Stars on Ice 2014 // Day 1, TOKYO


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From Oda-kun’s twitter❤

Source: http://t.co/1yo8ipbkAS

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a drawing of her =D one of my favorite performances from Sochi and stuff

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SOI Japan 2014

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Figure Skating Elements: Sit spins and combination spins

Time to refresh you memories on upright and layback spins and camel spins because here’s the final installment of the spin intro posts - sit spins! (And combination spins, but we’ll get to those in a second.) Sit spins are denoted as “SSp” on protocols and are defined as spins where the skating leg is bent so that the thigh is at least parallel to the ice. Basically, it looks like the skater is squatting down while spinning. There are numerous variations in sit spin positions and most of them don’t have names. I’ve only included some common and famous variations in this post. Both men and women can do some of these positions.

Basic sit spin: Sasha’s skating leg is bent and her free leg is extended in front of her.

Sit spin variations: The free leg can be bent, the torso can be twisted, and the arms can be in various positions.

Flying sit spin: Stephane “jumps” into the spin. This particular flying entrance is called a death drop. Flying sit spins appear as “FSSp” on protocols. Flying entrances are common for camel and sit spins, not so common for upright spins. A “hop” in the middle of a sit spin is another way to do a flying sit spin.

Pancake spin: A sit spin variation where the free leg is crossed on top of the thigh of the skating leg and the torso is bent over it. Mao’s arms are above her back in this example; if the skater’s arms are holding their skating leg instead, it is known as a cannonball spin.

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Mirai Nagasu || 2014 Stars on Ice tour, “Demons

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Happy Birthday to the most flawless sunshine! ♥

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